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The Renegade Gear Tactical Flashlight Baton
 Is Essential For Every Vehicle
This Ultra Powerful Flashlight Can Do All This:
  • This aircraft-aluminum flashlight is indestructible so it will last forever
  • The bright LED bulb is good for 100,000 hours of use so this can be the last flashlight you ever buy
  • Lightweight but powerful to ward off attackers quickly
  • Expands from 13.5-inches to 17.5-inches in 0.5 seconds for instant self-defense
  • Fend off road-ragers, car-jackers, or vandals without a concealed carry permit, background checks or ammunition
  • Use the flashing setting during a breakdown on the side of the road to protect yourself and your vehicle
  • Knobbed baton is intimidating and can draw blood to stop an attack instantly
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 Do You Make These Mistakes 
With Your Personal Safety?
Do you ever drive alone at night without protection?

Do you ever walk the dog after dark without a light or a proper self-defense weapon?

Do you want to protect your family without carrying a gun?

If someone were to attack you, would you be prepared?

Due to the outbreak of late night and early morning crimes, officials are asking residents to take safety precautions. 

Even if you are armed at all times, there is a 100% chance that someone in your family is NOT, and they need protection when you're not around.

Police suggest something you probably would never think of - carry a high-power flashlight that doubles as a self-defense weapon.

Police note that 93% of the time simply brandishing a non-lethal weapon will discourage attackers since they are usually looking for 'soft targets'.

Now you can get BOTH a flashlight and self-defense weapon in one intimidating package with this flashlight baton.
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Stop An Attack Before It Begins and Have Light In An Emergency With This 
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