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Fits on Any Keychain For Easy Access Your New Favorite Multitool Has All This:
  • Bottle Opener
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Serrated blade
  • Straight blade
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Micro-screwdriver for eyeglasses
  • It's so low-profile it flies right through TSA screening
  • Stainless steel design is indestructible
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Recent Reviews from our Clients
This thing has saved my bacon more times than I can count

At first, I thought, "I probably won't use this that much, I can get it for like 6 bucks so why not"...well I couldn't have been more wrong. I use this thing ALL the time.

I was amazed at how incredibly sharp the blades are, they aren't messing around.
C. Griesemer (verified buyer)
I bought several for all my keychains.

It's sturdy, made of stainless steel.

I bought two, one to give to my Dad for Father’s Day. Thanks guys,
Robert M., The Tool Guy (verified buyer)
I always sail through TSA with this!!!!

Thought I'd send a quick note.  I just went through security at DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth Airport) and had zero problems -again.  They didn't even look at it.  Probably been through 2 dozen checkpoints so far.

You can't really tell its a tool, unless you really look at it.  It just looks like a key.  

Handy too.  Can't tell how many packages and boxes I've opened with it.  

I take it everywhere now and hand them out to my clients.
Steve Johnson (verified buyer)
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