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What is American Natural Superfood?
Prepper and Medical Doctor Patrick Conrad from Florida created this 44-Superfood mixture when he got very ill from his survival food during a hurricane.

He created this superfood shake mix as a replacement or supplement for survival food caches, bug-out-bags and every day use.

This is the 'Holy Grail' for most preppers: an easy, affordable, storable, portable, delicious food supply that doesn't require cooking, shopping, juicing, or messes.
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Recent Reviews from our Customers
Marcia T. (verified buyer)  
We have considered superfood powder the perfect source in a crisis, no animals or plants to grow, care for, feed, worry @ weather etc etc. Your superfood fit the bill perfectly!
I'm especially happy with the taste and all the supplements you included.

I love this stuff and find myself drinking it often - even when there isn't a disaster to worry about lol!

Thank you for this.
Frank Davis (verified buyer)
Yep getting great results...especially the energy boost has helped tremendously cut back on coffee...from around 3 cups to 1....looking to cut out that last cup too...

So more energy, eating better, better nutrition, sustained energy with less coffee and some weight loss....and it fills me up so yes I can say it is exceeding my expectations!
Gale Dufresne (verified buyer)
Hi, I just tried my superfood drink and was very happy with the taste.

I drink another green juice every day, but it does not have the protein in it so this will be even better. Thank you for this!
Here's What You Can Expect From This Incredible Survival Mix:
  • Our doctor-formulated, proprietary mixture is the ONLY survival superfood shake mix that includes a healthy portion of vegan friendly pea protein for energy, muscle mass, and bone strength.
  • It's FASTER than fast food, mixes and is ready to drink in 23 seconds
  • Absolutely no GMOs, soy, gluten, dairy, nuts, shellfish, or hormones included!
  • Get a nutritious, easy meal for busy or stressful days
  • No added sugars or artificial sweeteners whatsoever
  • Full immune system support
  • All-day vibrant energy
  • Powerful detoxifiers for liver and blood support
  • Perfect for the bug-out-bag or the survival cache
  • A full day's serving of fruits and vegetables
  • Strong anti-inflammatory properties to relieve joint pain and inflammation
  • Burn fat with this delicious 'paleo' friendly drink mix
  • Sweetened with stevia and vanilla bean for a subtle, slightly sweet flavor
  • Perfect for mixing with your favorite fruits and supplements
  • No more shopping, juicing, or messes to clean up!
  • 6 year+ shelf life!
Here's What Your FREE Sample of American Natural Superfood Includes:
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