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Here's Why You Need To Start Wearing A 95% Filtering Mask NOW

  • The CDC is saying masks should be worn whether you're vaxxed or not due to the Delta variant
  • The Delta variant is up to 1000x more potent than COVID-19 and 2x more contagious
  • 65,000 people who have been vaccinated have contracted the Delta variant
  • ​Even the best homemade masks filter only 65% of particulates that could be carrying the COVID
  • ​It's comfortable to wear and breathe in, and doesn't fog your glasses

Here's The Problem With Homemade Masks...

Many people are starting to make their own masks.  But there are some problems with that.  

In a study completed by Smart Air Filter Company, they tested 10 different materials.  

The materials included things like t-shirts, dish towels, pillowcases.

Pillow cases were one of the worst performers, only filtering 57% of airborne material.  

T-shirts were slightly better at 70%.

But what they didn't test, which is absolutely critical, is the fit of the mask material.  

If you're making your own mask you must create an airtight seal around the edges of the mask.

If you've tried to make masks at home you know how hard this is.  

It's nearly impossible to make a mask at home that doesn't leave a gap around the nose or below the chin.

If there is a gap around the face, the laws of physics say that most of your inhaled air will come through those gaps!

It's better to use a tight-fitting, engineered mask for maximum filtering capability.

We don't blame you for using a homemade mask in the past, but there's no excuse now.
Filtering ability of common items.  Note, this test did not test the FIT of these items, which is the most critical part of masks.
The vast majority of the air these well-meaning folks are breathing is coming through the gaps.

Introducing: The R-95 Reusable Face Mask

The R95 Reusable Face Mask
With KN95 Filter

The R95 with the one-way exhalation valves installed. The valves allow for easier exhales and more fresh air. The valves close while inhaling.

The R95 with exhalation valves. The mask material is stretchy and breathable for maximum comfort, while the filter forms an airtight seal.

The disposable air filter installed in the R95. The mask and filter are washable. The flexible mask material ensures an airtight fit.

The ear loops ensure the mask will never slip and the nose piece can be squeezed to ensure a tight seal around the nose.

Every R95 mask order comes with 1 disposable KN95 filter.  The holes can be removed to be used with the exhalation valves.  Leave it in for use on airlines.

The R95 without exhalation valves. People with symptoms or traveling should not use exhalation valves.

Our No Fog Guarantee: wear your glasses on or just past the nose piece and 
we guarantee your glasses won't fog!

  • Creates An Airtight Seal Around the Nose, Cheeks, and Chin 
  • ​Mask and Filter Are Washable and Reusable As Needed
  • ​Exhalation Valve Make For An Easy Breathing Experience
  • ​Customize Your Mask With Stickers and Pins

Health Workers Can't Wear These, 
So You Can

A huge part of the reason we are selling reusable masks is because they are not taking critical supply away from the people who are on the frontlines of this virus.

Healthcare workers cannot use reusable masks.  Anyone selling disposable N95 masks is taking them directly out the hands of the people that need them most. 

And the price gouging is atrocious.  We saw someone selling a single disposable N95 mask for $40 the other day.  That same mask  would have sold for $4 for a ten-pack before COVID.  Despicable. 

We refuse to do that. 

So when you buy the R-95 Reusable Face Mask, you're not taking a disposable mask away from someone who really needs it - and you getting a quality product for a fair price.

In fact, you're helping to stop the spread of the deadly disease.

Do your part, and start wearing a reusable mask now.
You can customize your R95 mask with stickers, pins and patches if you want to customize the look.  Also works with eyeglasses and won't fog with a slight adjustment to where the glasses sit on the mask.

Get The R95 And A 4-Layer Replacement Filter
For As Little As $29.98 Including Shipping & Handling

Look At What Others Are Charging For A Single Disposable N95 Mask!

Get Our Reusable Mask + Replacement Filter for Up to 25% Less Than They Are Charging For One Disposable...

Plus We Offer The ONLY Lifetime Guarantee In The Industry

We've been in the preparedness business for 12 years now.  

And our success is due largely to the fact that we stand behind everything we sell.  

If you're dissatisfied at ANY time, we'll refund your money no questions asked. 

There is no time limit, no weird return procedure, no hassles.

Just email us and she'll get you taken care of with a refund or exchange within 24 hours.

Here's What Our Clients Say

Great mask!  Shipped quick...

This is the best mask I have been able to find. I tried a few and they were so uncomfortable I couldn't wear them for more than a few minutes.  This one fits great and after a while I forget I have it on.

- Ralph V.

Comfortable and effective

Been wearing this to the store every day for a couple weeks and I just feel so much better with it on. I had a little chest cold (not corona!) and it was weird coughing as I would walk around.  So other folks feel better with me wearing this too!

- Jean 

Replaced my well used N95 with this

I wore an old N95 I kept in my wood shed for almost a month, and it was getting harder and harder to breath through.  Plus N95's are awful, the air in there gets so hot and stale I found myself taking it off to gasp for fresh air.  This one breaths great and feels better.

- Tom Garmin

Everyone should have at least one

I couldn't believe I found this! I've been looking for weeks now and even tried to make one.  It kept falling off my face and I had to hold it up with one hand which makes doing anything hard.  This one stays in place and creates a tight seal.  Thanks for offering these, lifesaver!!!

- Charlie Shively

Got in 4 days and started wearing immediately

The mesh mask is super comfortable and doesn't get hot on your cheeks like so many others did.  My sister is making some but they don't fit well and make you sweat.  This one feels really light and you can breathe in and out easy.  Just get one. 

- Melissa H

This is just the beginning folks

I can't believe people are still going out without masks!  Are they embarassed?  Maybe they can't find them, but they should get one of these for everyone in their family.  Affordable and feels great. This quarantine could last months unless we start wearing masks!!!!!

- DT

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